We are so happy to provide an opportunity to all our primary children and kindergartens to indulge in our well-planned enrichment classes in the form of Yoga, Spanish and Music.  


In Yoga classes, children at a very young age are introduced to mindfulness. Yoga not only helps develop flexibility, balance and strength but also enhances coordination, concentration and confidence. Under close supervision of our well-trained yoga instructors, your child will enhance their coordination and maintain correct posture and alignment. 


Children naturally enjoy music. When participating in music, children have fun, they become creative, active. Music has shown to improve children’s memory, cognitive development and improve social skills.  Your child will develop an understanding of musical elements including beat, pitch, tone and rhythm. 


Spanish class provides English speaking children a chance to acquire second language naturally. A Spanish culture environment is created through stories, songs and art. Through exploration of different languages and parts of the world, your child will develop cultural awareness and expand their brain development and thinking skills. 


It has been observed that children genuinely enjoy these classes and benefit from them to a greater extent, developing them into well-rounded children. 


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