(5 years by sept 30th)

The Kindergarten program at BMS provides the best Montessori has to offer. The Kindergarten children are in the morning work cycle each day with the younger students. This provides the opportunity for these children to develop leadership skills as they are the oldest in the classroom and are able to help the younger students. In the afternoons our Kindergarten children have a specialized time with two of our Montessori teachers where they focus on higher learning in each area of the classroom.

In Language students learn things such as: parts of speech, capitalization and punctuation, emphasis on handwriting as well as higher concepts in Math, fractions, time, money, etc. These students, in addition to Spanish and Music, also attend Art class
with our Art teacher. Parents are assured that their child who goes through our curriculum will be among the very best students in the years to come because of their early start.


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