Through the curriculum of practical life, the child builds the confidence to work independently and successfully in other areas of the Montessori classroom. The sensorial curriculum is designed for the child to construct an internal, cognitive system which is orderly and logical. Together they lay the foundation for success in the math curriculum. Teaching of Mathematical concepts at a Montessori is very different from traditional math education. Children learn to count using a variety of materials. Materials and techniques like sandpaper numbers, golden beads and cubes teach the children to count and form the numbers correctly. Once these are mastered, children move on to more complex concepts like addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. 

Teaching of Geometry in Montessori also differs from the way it is taught in traditional education. Montessori education is more hands-on as it uses wooden shapes and nomenclature cards to teach geometric concepts. Children learn much more quickly as they can touch and see the shapes rather than picture them in their minds.


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