Children are naturally curious, and they have a tremendous ability to observe even the smallest of details.  The science curriculum in Montessori class gives children the opportunity to learn about the world around them and it encourages them to use all of their senses when exploring.  

One area of the natural world that the children explore is zoology. They begin by sorting different items into like categories, such as Living or Non-Living. Once children understand this concept, they begin to work their way through the animal classes as well as learn the characteristics of vertebrates and invertebrates.  Dr. Montessori created many beautiful puzzles that complement our work with each animal class. These puzzles help the children learn to name the parts of each animal.

Similar to our zoology work, children are introduced to botany activities through our science curriculum. The children start by classifying plants or animals. This introductory material lays a foundation for children to learn the basic characteristics and needs of plants. From there children learn to name the parts of plants and trees as well as identify them in their natural surroundings.  


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